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Convenient & Reliable

If you're like most animal lovers, you would prefer to leave your animal companions in their familiar surroundings when you travel.  

Pets & Petals provides your cat(s) and guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, degus, mice, ferrets, rats, fish, lizards, birds and plants the care they need while you're away, right in your own home with daily visits. I truly love animals and am a pet owner myself and have years of pet care experience. With Pets & Petals, you're assured of reliable, responsible service and peace of mind on all your vacation travels and business trips. 

Your pets will:

*Stay in a secure, familiar environment,

* Follow their usual routine and diet,

*Avoid exposure to stress & illnesses from being with other animals

*Receive loving, individual attention and playtime daily

How Pets & Petals Works:

When you call Pets & Petals, Diane O'Callahan will arrange a visit to your home to:

*Meet you & your animal companion(s)

*Write down detailed information about caring for your pet(s) and plants and

*Agree on the care schedule 

While you're away, Pets & Petals will:

*Feed, give fresh water, clean the litter or clean animal enclosure

*Exercise and play with your animal companion(s) 

*Give medication, vitamins or other special care and obtain veterinarian care in case of illness

*Water and care for plants 

Home Security:

Your home will look "lived-in" when Pets & Petals picks up your mail, newspapers, packages, adjust the lighting, checks the heat and air conditioning settings for your animal companion(s) comfort, safety and your home security. Pet & Petals is insured for your protection and recommended by local Veterinarians.

Diane O'Callahan, Owner Pets & Petals & Silky & Whisper

 Schedule & Fees
Daily - 7:00am - 7:00pm

Fee: One kitty & small animals & plants = $22.00 per visit; Two or more kitties & small animals & plants = $25 per visit;

No Pet care - Only House check & Plant care = $20.00 per visit;
House check & Plant care & Mail forwarded = $20.00 per visit. The service area is a 10 mile radius from N. Hampton

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We are proud members of the following organization: Pet Sitters International since 2002



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Cell: (603) 770-6625

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